Hello Livecoders,

I regret to have to inform you that the 3rd episode of the LC Benchmark series will not be released until end of day on Friday October 7th.

Sorry, but some unexpected things in life and work have delayed my ability to produce a good episode.


There is a Maximum width setting for resized controls and buttons.
If your controls or buttons end up being wider than this setting, this setting takes precedence.
You can find it in the "SetAppStarterStackDefaults" handler of the "Start Here" stack

put 800 into AppStarterStackSettings["default"]["Max Control Width in Pixels"]
put 400 into AppStarterStackSettings["default"]["Max Button Width in Pixels"]

To override these .... add a "DontConstrainWidth" property to the control in question. set it to "1" or true. And the max setting will be ignored.

Thanks, talk soon.

Tom Glod | MakeShyft R.D.A