Hello Livecoders,

This is a general update for anyone currently using the AppStarterStack.

Improvements to Developer Plugin:
  • I have a great feature planned as one of the improvements to the developer plugin.
    You will be able to write a list of cards and controls and the work of creating the cards, controls will be done by script instead of you needing to manually do it. This will be a fantastic time saver.
LC Benchmark Update:
  • The LC Benchmark project is coming along okay. Creating useful benchmarks takes some time, especially since I am including animation and rendering benchmarks. There are some rather surprising results.
  • After I have competed creating the benchmark tests, I will record one final tutorial where we will View the benchmark running, submit and view other people's results, and do our final styling passthrough and make it look crisp and professional. You may be surprised how quickly we can dramatically change how it looks.
  • The next episode will be the final one, so it will be worth the wait.
  • I can't say exactly, but I can't see it not coming out in the month of November.
As always,

Thank you.

Tom Glod | MakeShyft R.D.A