Hello ,

I just wanted to drop you a line to update you on the latest news and developments with the AppStarterStack for Livecode.

Developer Experience Demo Video

The demo video for the AppStarterStack developer experience is in production. I have had to expand the scope of the "benchmarking application" so I could demonstrate more of the stack's features.

Recording will be completed Wednesday / Thursday. I don't plan to do much editing except speeding up certain portions of the footage. It should be posted shorty after that.

There will be a timer on the screen so that you have a sense of how long everything has taken from the first step to the final build.

(I will NOT yet have the ability to sign the windows exe, but I hope to figure out the MAC OS signing and also sign the MAC OS version of the original demo standalonetack.)

Sorry for the delay, but the extra time helped to improve the tooling even more.

Licensing Terms & Cost

Many of you have asked about licensing costs, and one thing has become clear. There is a wide variety of interest from people in different situations. So there isn't a one size fits all licensing approach that I can possibly create.

My solution will be a "build your license" kind of approach. Where the license is truly customized for you and your business goals and circumstance. To begin, just go through the form available here, which is intended to provide us with a starting point and provide further understanding of your position.

Feel free to wait until after the developer demo video to submit your proposal, I'm sending it now in case you'd like to start thinking about it.
Thank you,

Tom Glod | MakeShyft RDA