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Just a quick update:

  • There are a bunch of tutorials already available that show you the way that some of the work gets done in the AppStarterStack. There are literally 100s of videos that could be done on So there will be new tutorials on a weekly basis for the next year or so.

  • We're on RC-2 New features are Nav Icon Labels & Nav Icon hover menus, Postgress database connection with SSL, and various other fixes.
  • New features in the AppStarterStack will usually be proceeded by me needing it for something. GlobalID solves a big issue for my projects so I will be using it for all of them.
  • I will be doing a 50 minute talk at the Virtual LC Conference. Livecode Inc asked that I talk about the AppStarterStack, and I am very likely to do that, but I have something else that would make an interesting topic for Livecode developers. ;)
  • That was me teasing an upcoming announcement :)
  • Working on signing the Mac demo next week and submitting demo to ios and android stores. Windows signed demo will have to wait for paper work to be worked out.
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Tom Glod | MakeShyft RDA