Application Starter Stack for Livecode

What is your starting point?

It is very possible to learn the basics of Livecode very quickly.  But much like any skill, it takes some practice to learn the various unique details of how things work.

And as simple as it seems at this stage, it is still challanging to build more complex software, no matter how great your platform.

On this page you can find lots of resources to learn Livecode.

You should not start learning Livecode with the AppStarterStack.  It is more useful once you have worked at something from a blank stack.

Once you think you are not a beginner to Livecode, and have a project you'd like to build specifically using your new found skills, then the AppStarterStack can really save you a lot of time and effort in creating production ready software or a fantastic MVP.

Perfect!  You may be the prefect candidate to use the AppStarterStack.  We would love to hear from you, to see if perhaps we could help you reach your goal sooner. Please contact us to book a call, or you can share details using our contact form.




If you have a project currently in production but need to update or modernize it?

Maybe you want to turn your old application into a mobile APP?

The AppStarterStack may be able to help you to port your application into a more modern user interface without engineering the interface yourself, or recreating large parts of your existing application.


We are open to helping build your product / application for you. Lets start with a confidential conversation about your project.  If not, perhaps we can help you find a more suitable match.

Learning Topics

With time, this page will contain detailed information and tutorials on many topics related to creating software with Livecode and the AppStarterStack.


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