Application Starter Stack for Livecode

Licensing The AppStarterStack for Livecode

Currently we are in the "early-bird" licensing period. 

We built this AppStarterStack for us, so that we could build better software, faster.  Why should we be the only ones to benefit from this tool?

We decided to offer licenses to those for whom the AppStarterStack can be a real time saver and who have some specific ideas about what they intend to build.

Currently, we would like to offer licenses strictly to those who have particular projects in mind.

4 types of licenses are available:

  • Commercial License - This covers the production of commercial software that is sold to customers or runs as a service in some way.
  • In-House License - For those who need in-house tools to make some aspect of their business better.  This is software that is not sold to others.
  • Developer / Reseller License - If you want to create software for others, and use the AppStarterStack as a starting point.
  • Not-For-Profit License - For non commercial use.

Basic terms we are considering:

  • No time limit of license
  • No time limit to access code repository
  • No Pro version, or locked features.  You get the full AppStarterStack codebase.
  • No limits to the number of copies of your software you sell or the number of users you support
  • No license validation - Applications made with AppStarterStack do not contact our servers to verify your license.  

We reserve to withdraw your license if it is found that ...

  1. You are reselling the AppStarterStack itself to others as a template or starting point for software projects.
  2. You are using it to make software which scams and harms others in some way. 
  3. You are using it to break reasonable law in your country / region.
  4. if you have shared the AppStarterStack in a way not specified in your license.  Like putting it in a public code repository.

When you purchase a license for the AppStarterStack you will receive:

  1. The AppStarterStack Demo .livecode file (which builds to all platforms)
  2. Access to growing library of videos and tutorials.
  3. Version Controlled Documentation .PDF
  4. Access to private github where the script exports of the AppStarterStack will live. (This is the repository where we will add features, handlers  and bug fixes to the code.)  Each pull request will be well documented so that you are clear what has changed.
  5. A 60 minute live on-boarding session where I help you get started on your project. (Can be used for support instead of on-boarding)
  6. Optional service contract to work with you and/or your team.


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